1460 ca1490s-1500s1528 ca
a late gothic painter from Northern Germany. He was born in Lübeck. Dedeke completed the Altar of St. Luke (Lukas-Altar) at the Hamburg Mariendom in 1499 for the Hamburg Guild of Saint Luke. It had been left unfinished by his late colleagues Hinrik Bornemann and Absolon Stumme; Dedeke married the widow of the latter man. In 1502 he attained the title of Master of the Brotherhood of St. Thomas. He has been identified with the anonymous "Master of the Halepagen Altar". He died in Hamburg.
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Wilm Dedeke1460 ca1490
15091528 ca

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14951535 ca
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Mair von Landshutunknown1485
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Master of the Virgo inter Virginesunknown1470
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Master of Affligemunknown1470
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Master of the Legend of St. Catherineunknown1470
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Master of the Saint Bartholomew Altarpieceunknown1475/80
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Master of the Embroidered Foliageunknown1480
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Master of the Legend of Saint Lucyunknown1480
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Mariotto Albertinelli1474, Oct 131494
15101515, Nov 5
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Master of the Morrison Triptychunknown1500
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Master of Alkmaarunknown1475
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15161516, Aug 9
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15191519, May 2
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15201520, Apr 6
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Master of the Antwerp Adorationunknown1500
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Master of the Legend of the Magdalenunknown1483
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Jan Provoost1462/651494
15291529, Jan
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Bramantino1456 ca1508
15291530 ca
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Master of the Mansi Magdalen1490 ca1500
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Ulrich Apt the Elder14601481
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Nicolas Dipreunknown1495
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15391537, Jan 12
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Michelangelo1475, Mar 61490
15641564, Feb 18
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