1500, Feb 241506-15561558, Sep 21
ruler of both the Spanish Empire from 1516 and the Holy Roman Empire from 1519, as well as of the Habsburg Netherlands from 1506. He voluntarily stepped down from these and other positions by a series of abdications between 1554 and 1556. Through inheritance, he brought together under his rule extensive territories in western, central, and southern Europe, and the Spanish colonies in the Americas and Asia. As a result, his domains spanned nearly four million square kilometers and were the first to be described as "the empire on which the sun never sets".
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05/19/1515-George of Saxony sells Friesland for 100,000 gold guilders to arch duke Charles V 
06/28/1519-King Carlos I elected as Roman Catholic German emperor Charles V
07/10/1520-King Charles V and King Henry VIII signs treaty of Calais 
10/26/1520- Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, coronated in Germany
04/28/1521-Diet of Worms: Emperor Charles V names his brother Ferdinand Arch duke of Netherlands-Austria 
05/28/1521-Pope Leo X signs treaty with German emperor Charles V 
10/25/1521-Emperor Charles V bans wooden buildings in Amsterdam 
11/19/1521-Battle of Milan: Emperor Charles V's/pontifical/Spanish/German troops beat France and occupy Milan 
04/29/1522-Emperor Charles V names Frans van Holly inquisitor-general of Netherlands 
07/15/1524-Emperor Charles V bans German national synode 
08/19/1524-Emperor Charles V's troops besieges Marseille 
09/29/1524-Emperor Charles V's troops give siege of Marseille 
02/24/1525-Battle of Pavia: Emperor Charles V's Imperial troops beat French king
01/14/1526- Charles V and Francis I of France sign Treaty of Madrid -- Francis I forced to give up claims in Burgundy, Italy and Flanders
03/10/1526-Emperor Charles V marries princess Isabella of Portugal 
06/07/1527-Sack of Rome: Pope Clement VII surrenders to emperor Charles V's armies
01/22/1528-England and France declare war on Emperor Charles V 
10/20/1528-Treaty of Gorinchem between Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and Duke Charles II of Guelders
06/29/1529-Emperor Charles V and Pope Clement VII sign Treaty of Barcelona 
08/05/1529-The Treaty of Cambrai -- aka the "Ladies' Peace" -- signed by emperor Charles V and King Francis I of France
02/24/1530-First imperial coronation by a Pope, Charles V crowned by Clement V 
06/09/1531-Pope Clement VII and Francis I of France sign secret treaty against Charles V 
06/23/1532- Henry VIII and Francis I of France signs secret treaty against emperor Charles V
07/23/1532- Charles V and evangelical monarchy signs Peace of Nuremberg 
02/26/1534-Pope Charles V appoints George van Egmond as bishop of Utrecht (confirmed in 1535 by Pope Paul III) 
10/26/1534- Charles V names George van Egmond as bishop of Utrecht 
06/14/1535- Charles V's fleet sails under Andrea Doria to Tunis 
07/14/1535-Emperor Charles V conquers Tunis 
02/18/1536-France and Turkey sign miltitary/trade agreement against King Charles V 
06/18/1538-Truce of Nice: ends war between Emperor Charles V and King Francis I of France
07/15/1538-Peace talks between Charles V and King Francis I of France 
02/01/1539-Emperor Charles V and King Francis I of France sign anti-English treaty 
02/15/1539-Emperor Charles V receives Cardinal Reginald Pole in Toledo 
04/19/1539-Holy Roman Emperor Charles V signs Treaty of Frankfurt
02/14/1540-Emperor Charles V enters Ghent without resistance, executes rebels
04/29/1540-After a revolt, emperor Charles V revokes all historical privileges in Ghent with the Caroline Concession 
08/29/1540-Emperor Charles V deprives city of Ghent definitive rights/privileges 
02/11/1543- Charles V and Henry VIII sign anti-French covenant 
08/22/1543-Emperor Charles V's army occupies Duren 
09/07/1543-Treaty of Venlo: Duke William of Julich-Cleves-Berg surrenders to Holy Roman Emperor Charles V
05/23/1544-Holy Roman Emperor Charles V recognizes king Christian III of Denmark 
09/18/1544-HRE Charles V of Germany and Francis I of France sign Peace of Crepy
04/24/1547-Battle of Mühlberg: Emperor Charles V vs John Frederick I, Elector of Saxony
05/16/1547-Protestant German monarch surrenders to Charles V in Wittenberg 
05/19/1547-Duke John Frederick I surrenders to Charles V 
09/01/1547- Charles V demands creation of Imperial League (German state) 
06/30/1548-Emperor Charles V orders Catholics to become Lutherans 
04/29/1550-Emperor Charles V gives inquisiters additional authority 
03/09/1551-Emperor Charles V appoints son Philip II as heir to the throne 
04/19/1552- Maurice of Saxony captures Charles V 
08/02/1552-Peace of Passau: Emperor Charles V accepts Lutheran religion
10/31/1552-Emperor Charles V and Albert, Duke of Prussia, strike siege for Metz 
10/21/1555-Emperor Charles V makes Erard of Pallandt earl of Culemborg 
10/25/1555-Emperor Charles V puts his son Philip II in charge of Netherlands/Naples/Milan
01/16/1556-Emperor Charles V appoints his son Philip II as king of Spain
03/28/1556- Charles V's son Philip II crowned king of Spain 
09/12/1556-Holy Roman Emperor Charles V resigns, his brother Ferdinand I takes over 
09/13/1556- Charles V and Maria of Hungary march into Spain 
09/15/1556-Vlissingen ex-emperor Charles V returns to Spain 
10/17/1556-Ex-emperor Charles V departs Netherland for Spain 
12/29/1558-Holy Roman Emperor Charles V buried 
HRE Charles V1500, Feb 241506
15561558, Sep 21

Henry VII1457, Jan 281485
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Gavin Douglas1474 ca1496
15211522, Sep
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Christian II1481, Jul 11513
15231559, Jan 25
 a Scandinavian monarch under the Kalmar Union. He reigned as King of Denmark and Norway from 1513...
Philip of Burgundy14641498
 Admiral of the Netherlands from 1498 to 1517 and bishop of Utrecht from 1517 to 1524. In the year...
Emperor Go-Kashiwabara 1464, Nov 191500
15261526, May 19
 the 104th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. He reigned from Nov...
Ramathibodi II14731491
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Frederick I1471, Oct 71523
15331533, Apr 10
 the King of Denmark and Norway. His name is also spelled Friedrich in German, Frederik in Danish ...
Borommarachathira IVunknown1529
 the short-reigning king of Ayutthaya from 1529 to 1533. Prince Athittayawong was the son of Ramat...
 the twelfth king of Ayutthaya, an ancient kingdom in Thailand. He was a son of Borommarachathirat...
Olav Engelbrektsson1480 ca1533
15371538, Feb 7
 the 28th Archbishop of Norway from 1523 to 1537, the Regent of Norway from 1533 to 1537, a member...
Pedro de Alvarado1485 ca1510
15411541, Jul 4
 a Spanish conquistador and governor of Guatemala. He participated in the conquest of Cuba, in Jua...
 King of the Ayutthaya kingdom of Siam. His reign was remarkable for the influx of Portuguese trad...
King Henry VIII1491, Jun 281509
15471547, Jan 28
  King of England from 1509 until his death and Supreme Head of the Church of England from 1536 to...
Francis I of France1494, Sep 121515
15471547, Mar 31
  the first King of France from the Angoulême branch of the House of Valois, reigning from 1515 u...
15481548, Nov 11
 a usurper in the Ayutthaya Kingdom, ruling for only 42 days in 1548 before being assassinated. Si...
John Hubrechtszunknown1530
 a sheriff of Amsterdam, later declared a heretic
Pedro de Valdivia1497, Apr 171520
15531553, Dec 25
 a Spanish conquistador and the first royal governor of Chile. After serving with the Spanish army...
Edward VI1537, Oct 121547
15531553, Jul 6
  King of England and Ireland (and Supreme Head of the Church of England) from 28 January 1547 unt...
Lady Jane Grey1536/371553
15531554, Feb 12
 an English noblewoman and de facto monarch of England and Ireland from 10 July until 19 July 1553...
Anne of Cleves1515, Sep 221539
15541557, Jul 16
  Queen of England from 6 January to 9 July 1540 as the fourth wife of King Henry VIII. The marri...
Pedro Mascarenhas14701512
15551555, Jun 16
 a Portuguese explorer and colonial administrator. He was the first European to discover the islan...
Emperor Go-Nara 1495, Jan 261526
15571557, Sep 27
 the 105th Emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. He reigned from Jun...
Isabella Jagiellon1519, Jan 181530
15571559, Sep 15
 the oldest child of Polish King Sigismund I the Old and his Italian wife Bona Sforza. In 1539, sh...
Queen Mary I1516, Feb 181553
15581558, Nov 17
 the Queen of England and Ireland from July 1553 until her death. Her executions of Protestants le...
Christian III1503, Aug 121537
15591559, Jan 1
 reigned as king of Denmark from 1534 until his death and Norway from 1537 until his death. During...
King Henry II1519, Mar 311547
15591559, Jul 10
 a monarch of the House of Valois who ruled as King of France from 31 March 1547 until his death i...
HRE Ferdinand I1503, Mar 101521
15641564, Jul 25
  Holy Roman Emperor from 1558, king of Bohemia and Hungary from 1526, and king of Croatia from 15...
Turgut Reis14851500
15651565, Jun 23
 an Ottoman Greek Admiral and privateer who also served as Bey of Algiers; Beylerbey of the Medite...
Miguel Lopez de Legazpi1502 ca1528
15651572, Aug 20
 a Basque Spanish navigator and governor who established the first Spanish settlement in the East ...
Chan Iunknown1516
 one of the most illustrious Cambodian kings (reigned 1516–66) of the post-Angkor era. He succes...
Suleiman I1494, Nov 61520
15661566, Sep 7
  the tenth and longest-reigning Sultan and Caliph (Sunni Islam) of the Ottoman Empire/Caliphate, ...
Pedro de la Gasca1485, Jun1542
15671567, Nov 13
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Sunan Gunungjati14481479
15681568, Sep 19
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Lamoral of Egmont1522, Nov 181542
15681568, Jun 5
 a general and statesman in the Spanish Netherlands just before the start of the Eighty Years' War...
Takanobu Matsura15291540
15691599, Apr 1
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Maha Chakkraphat15091548
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Matsura Takanobu15291550
15691599, Apr 1
  a 16th-century Japanese samurai and 25th hereditary lord of the Matsura clan of Hirado. He was o...
King Philip II1527, May 211540
15981598, Sep 13
  King of Spain (1556–98), King of Portugal (1581–98, as Philip I, Filipe I), King of Naples a...
Opchanacanough1554 ca1500
 a tribal chief of the Powhatan Confederacy of what is now Virginia in the United States, and its ...
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