1785, Nov 111855, Jan 8
a Javanese prince who opposed the Dutch colonial rule. He played an important role in the Java War (1825–1830). In 1830, the Dutch exiled him to Makassar. Dutch colonial rule was becoming unpopular among local farmers because of tax rises, crop failures and among Javanese nobles because the Dutch colonial authorities deprived them of their right to lease land. Because the local farmers and many nobles were ready to support Diponegoro and because he believed that he had been chosen by divine powers to lead a rebellion against the Christian colonials, he started a holy war against the Dutch.
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07/21/1825-Java princes Diponegoro and Mangkubumi declare war on the Dutch, starting the Java War 
07/30/1826-Java prince Diponegoro surprise attacks Dutch colony, 82 killed 
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