1550, Dec 311588, Dec 23
In 1576 he founded the Catholic League to prevent the heir, King Henry of Navarre, head of the Huguenot movement, from succeeding to the French throne. A key figure in the French Wars of Religion, he was one of the namesakes of the War of the Three Henrys. A powerful opponent of the Queen Mother, Catherine de' Medici, he was assassinated by the bodyguards of her son, King Henry III.
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10/10/1575-Battle of Dormans: Roman Catholic forces under Henry I, Duke of Guise, defeat the Protestants, capturing Philippe de Mornay among others.
07/07/1585-King Henry III and Henry I, Duke of Guise, signs Treaty of Nemours: French Huguenots loose all freedoms
11/24/1587-Battle of Auneau: Henry I, Duke of Guise, wins 
05/09/1588-Henry I, Duke of Guise's troops occupy Paris
05/12/1588-Day of the Barricades: the Catholic League, under Henry I, Duke of Guise, occupies Paris
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