1640, June 91705, May 5
Holy Roman Emperor, King of Hungary and Croatia, King of Bohemia and King of Serbia. The second son of Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor, by his first wife, Maria Anna of Spain, Leopold became heir apparent in 1654 by the death of his elder brother Ferdinand IV. Elected Holy Roman Emperor in 1658, Leopold would rule as such until his death in 1705. Leopold's reign is known for the conflicts with the Ottoman Empire in the east, and the rivalry with Louis XIV, a contemporary and first cousin, in the west.
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01/19/1668-King Louis XIV and Emperor Leopold I sign treaty dividing Spain 
02/23/1668-Fire in Wiener Hofburg in Vienna, emperor Leopold I rescued 
02/14/1670-Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I chases Jews out of Vienna 
02/27/1670-Jews expelled from Austria by order of Leopold I 
07/25/1670-Austrian Emperor Leopold I expels 4,000 Jews from Vienna 
11/01/1671-French King Louis XIV and Holy Romsn Emperor Leopold I sign secret anti-Dutch treaty 
08/30/1673-Leopold I, Spain, Netherlands and Lutherans form anti-French covenant 
10/16/1674-Emperor Leopold I fires chancellor Furst Wenzel Lobkowitz 
04/26/1677-Emperor Leopold I forms University of Innsbruck 
02/05/1679-German emperor Leopold I signs peace with France 
03/31/1683-Emperor Leopold I and Poland sign covenant against Turkey 
03/05/1684-Emperor Leopold I, Poland and Venice sign Heilig Covenant of Linz 
01/23/1690-Emperor Leopold I's son Joseph I chosen King of the Romans
12/04/1691-Emperor Leopold I takes control of Transylvania 
03/22/1692-Emperor Leopold I names duke Earnest August of Braunschweig, king 
10/30/1697-Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I signs the Treaty of Ryswick, ending the Nine Years War
09/16/1702-Emperor Leopold I declares war on France, Cologne and Bavaria 
09/12/1703-Emperor Leopold I ends contacts on Spanish heritage 
06/04/1831-Leopold I elected as first King of Belgium 
07/21/1831-Belgium gains independence from Netherlands, Leopold I made king
08/09/1832-King Leopold I of Belgium marries Louise of Orleans
05/05/1835-King Leopold I opens Brussels-Mechelen railway 
11/08/1842-Belgium King Leopold I proclaims child labor laws 
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