1805, Dec 11808-18151815, Mar 6
the 9th Dalai Lama of the Gelug (Yellow Hat Buddhism) in Tibet. He was the only Dalai Lama to die in childhood and was first of a string of four Dalai Lamas to die before reaching 22 years of age. Under auspicious signs, Lungtok Gyatso was born near the monastery of Dan Chokhor (or Denchokor), on 1 December 1805. Many sources render him as an orphan, but others name his parents as Tendzin Chokyong and Dondrub Dolma. A contestant to be the next Dalai Lama since early infancy, the boy was brought to Gungtang monastery near Lhasa, where he was examined by Tibetan officials, including the Qing representatives, the ambans. He was the favored choice of the Eighth Dalai Lama's attendants. He was ultimately selected by the Seventh Panchen Lama, Gedun Choekyi Nyima, who, in 1808, performed the tonsure ceremony and gave him the name Lobzang Tenpai Wangchuk Lungtok Gyatso.
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Lungtok Gyatso1805, Dec 11808
18151815, Mar 6

Parthenios II Pankostasunknown1780
18091805, Dep 9
 Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria for the Greek Orthodox Church (1788-1805). He was born n Patmos....
Drury Lacy1758, Oct 51781
18091815, Dec 6
 a Vice President and the Acting President of Hampden–Sydney College from 1789 to 1797. He devot...
Pope Mark VIIIunknown1796
18091809, Dec 21
 the 108th Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark for the Coptic Orthodox Church. H...
Jeremiah Learnoult Garrettunknown1800
 an English dissenting minister. At the age of fourteen or fifteen he had a vision of an "ancient ...
Jane Wardleyunknown1747
 also known as Mother Jane Wardley is the founder of the United Society of Believers in Christ's S...
Chrysanthos [2]unknown1784
 Archbishop of Nea Justiniana and All Cypru (1784-1810)* Orthodox Church of Cyprus
 Metropolitan of Hungaro-Walachia (1793–1810)* Romanian Orthodox Church
Simeon Vunknown1794
 Catholicose of Aluank' (1794–1810)* Armenian Apostolic Church
Thomas Edwards [6]unknown1810
18101842, Jul 4
 an English clergyman. Edwards was the son of Thomas Edwards. He graduated LL.B. in 1782 from Clar...
William Williams [3]1731, Apr 231771
18111811, Aug 2
 a merchant, and a delegate for Connecticut to the Continental Congress in 1776, and a signatory o...
Platon IIunknown1775
 Metropolitan of Moscow (1775–1811)* Russian Orthodox Church
Anton II1762/63, Jan 81788
18111827, Dec 21
 a member of the Georgian royal family and churchman. A son of Heraclius II, the penultimate King ...
Koorilose IIunknown1807
 Metropolitan (1807–1811)* Malabar Independent Syrian Church
Hadzi Melentije Stevanovicunknown1809
 Metropolitan of Belgrade (1809–1811)* Serbian Orthodox Church
Shneur Zalman of Liadi1745, Sep 41780
18121812, Dec 15
 an Orthodox Rabbi, and the founder and first (Lubavitcher) Rebbe of Chabad (1780–1812), a branc...
Ignatios IIunknown1810
 Metropolitan of Hungaro-Walachia (1810–1812)* Romanian Orthodox Church
 1775-1813, Tibetan Buddhism, Mongolia; Buddhism
Anthemios Iunknown1792
 Patriarch (1792-1813)* Patriarchate of Antioch
Leontije Lambrovicunknown1801
 Metropolitan of Belgrade (1801–1813)* Serbian Orthodox Church
Jeremias IVunknown1809
 Ecumenical Patriarch (1809–1813)* Church of Constantinople
Sargis Hasan-Jalaleanunknown1810
 Catholicose of Aluank' (1810–1815)* Armenian Apostolic Church
Dionizije II Niskiunknown1813
 Metropolitan of Belgrade (1813–1815)* Serbian Orthodox Church
Ignatius Matthewunknown1782
 Patriarch of Antioch and All the East (1782-1817)* Syrian Orthodox Church
Syedna Abdeali Saifuddinunknown1799
 Islam; Dai al-Mutlaq Leader (1799-1817)* Dawoodi Bohra
David Bacon17711801
18171817, Aug 27
 an American missionary in Michigan Territory. He was born in Woodstock, Connecticut. He worked pr...
Makarios IIunknown1806
 Metropolitan of Turnovo (1806–1817)* Bulgarian Orthodox Church
 Exarch (appointed by the Russian Church) of Georgia (20 Jul 1811 - 26 May 1817) for the Orthodox ...
 Metropolitan of Moscow (1768-1771); Metropolitan of St. Petersburg (1799–1818)* Russian Orthodo...
Cyril VI17691813
 the Ecumenical Patriarch for the Church of Constantinople between the years 1813 and 1818. He was...
Jacob Axelsson Lindblom1746, Jul 271779
18191819, Feb 15
 a Swedish scholar who eventually became archbishop of Uppsala for the Lutheran Swedish Church, a ...
 Metropolitan of Moscow (1811–1819)* Russian Orthodox Church
 Metropolitan of Hungaro-Walachia (1812–1819)* Romanian Orthodox Church
King George III1738, Jun 41760
18201820, Jan 29
 King of Great Britain and Ireland from 25 October 1760 until the union of the two countries on 1 ...
Shimoun XVI Yohananunknown1780
 Patriarch (1780-1820)*Assyrian Church of the East
Moses Hoge1752, Feb 151787
18201820, Jul 5
 a Presbyterian minister and educator. He served as the sixth President of Hampden–Sydney Colleg...
Anthimos IIIunknown1799
 Metropolitan of Skopje (1799–1820)* Orthodox Church of Macedonia / under Patriarchate of Consta...
Grigorios IIIunknown1799
 Metropolitan of Athens (1799-1820)* Orthodox Church of Greece
Grigorios IIIunknown1799
 Metropolitan of Athens (1799–1820)* Orthodox Church of Greece
 Metropolitan of Durrës and Gora (1805–1820)* Orthodox Church of Albania
Gregory V17461790
18211821, Apr 22
 the Ecumenical Patriarch for the Church of Constantinople from 1797 to 1798, from 1806 to 1808 an...
Gavril Banulescu-Bodoni17461792
18211821, Mar 30
 a Romanian clergyman who served as Metropolitan of Moldavia (1792), Metropolitan of Kherson and C...
 Leader (Acarya) (1803–1821)* Svetambara Jainism
Kyprianos [2]17561810
 the Archbishop of the Cypriot Orthodox Church in the early 19th century at the time that the Gree...
Joseph Steward1753, Jul 61786
18221822, Apr 15
 an American minister, portrait painter and museum curator. Steward was a largely self-taught arti...
Frodsham Hodson1770, Jun 71791
18221822, Jan 18
 an English churchman and academic, the Principal of Brasenose College, Oxford from 1809. He edite...
Giragos Iunknown1797
 Catholicose of Cilicia (1797-1822)* Armenian Apostolic Church
 Metropolitan of Kiev (1803–1822)* Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Pope Pius VII1742, Aug 141756
18231823, Aug 20
 the Pope for the Roman Catholic Church from 14 March 1800 to his death in 1823. Chiaramonti was a...
Seraphim Iunknown1813
 Patriarch (1813–1823)* Patriarchate of Antioch
Anthimus III17621791
  the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople during the period 1822-1824. He served as deacon of t...
Willibrord van Os1744, Feb 21814
18251825, Feb 28
 Archbishop of Utrecht (1814–1825)*Old Catholicism: Church of Utrecht......Willibrord van Os (* ...
James Varick1750, Jan 101766
18271827, Jul 22
 the first Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. The important events in Varick's...
Polykarpos Iunknown1808
 Patriarch (1808–1827)* Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Dovber Schneuri1773, Nov 131812
18271827, Nov 16
 the second Rebbe (spiritual leader) of the Chabad Lubavitch Chasidic movement from 1812 until his...
 Archbishop of Ohrid (1763-1764); Metropolitan of Skopje (1823–1828)* Orthodox Church of Macedon...
Charles Manners-Sutton1755, Feb 171791
18281828, Jul 21
 a bishop in the Church of England who served as Archbishop of Canterbury from 1805 to 1828. Manne...
Theophilos II Pankostasunknown1800
 Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria for the Greek Orthodox Church. He was from Patmos , a nephew of ...
Kidanagan Geevarghese Marunknown1811
 Metropolitan (1811–1829)* Malabar Independent Syrian Church
Petar Iunknown1782
 Metropolitan (vladika) (1782-1830)* Montenegrin Orthodox Church
Petar I Petrovic-Njegos1747/481782
18301830, Oct 31
 the ruler of the Prince-Bishopric of Montenegro as the Metropolitan (vladika) of Cetinje, and Exa...
Pope Pius VIII1761, Nov 201785
18301830, Nov 30
 the Pope for the Roman Catholic Church from 31 March 1829 to his death in 1830. His pontificate w...
 Catholicose of All Armenian (1810–1830)* Armenian Apostolic Church
Richard Allen [2]1760, Feb 141777
18311831, Mar 26
 a minister, educator, writer, and one of America's most active and influential black leaders. In ...
Jakob Tengstrom1755, Dec 41802
18321832, Dec 26
 a Finnish Lutheran archbishop. He succeeded Jakob Gadolin upon his death in 1802 where he became ...
Lemuel Haynes1753, Jul 181785
18331833, Sep 28
 an influential African-American religious leader who argued against slavery. At the age of five m...
Constantius I17701805
18341859, Jan 5
 the Ecumenical Patriarch for the Church of Constantinople during the period 1830-1834. He was bor...
Hayim Yakup Benyakarunknown1800
 Chaim Jacob Benyakar (also Jacob Haïm Benyakar) was a Jewish scholar of the 18th / 19th Century ...
William White [2]1748, Apr 41770
18361836, Jul 17
 the first and fourth Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States (1789; 1795–...
Johnny Appleseed1774, Sep 261794
18391845, Mar 18
 an American pioneer nurseryman who introduced apple trees to large parts of Pennsylvania, Ontario...
Mahmud II1789, Jul 201808
18391839, Jul 1
 the 30th Sultan and Caliph (Sunni Islam) of the Ottoman Empire/Caliphate from 1808 until his deat...
Solomon Hirschell1762, Feb 121802
18421842, Oct 31
 the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, 1802-42. He is best remembered for his unsuccessful attempt to ...
Dolma Phodrang Padma Dudulunknown1806
 1806-1843, Sakya sect, Throne holder; Buddhism
Thomas S. Hinde1785, Apr 191801
18451846, Feb 9
 an American newspaper editor, opponent of slavery, author, historian, real estate investor, Metho...
William Miller1782, Feb 151809
18491849, Dec 20
 an American Baptist preacher who is credited with beginning the mid-19th century North American r...
Peter VIIunknown1809
18521852, Apr 15
 the 109th Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark (1810–1852). He was born in the...
Palden Tenpai Nyimaunknown1782
 the seventh Panchen Lama of Gelug (Buddhist Yellow Hat sect), from 1782-1853. In 1810 (or 1811) P...
Charles Warburton [2]17801808
 Archdeacon of Tuam from 1808 until 1855. The son of Bishop Charles Warburton he was born in New Y...
Konstantios IIunknown1804
 Archbishop of Sinai (1804–1859)* Orthodox Church of Mount Sinai
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