1725, Apr 71795, Dec 23
the founder of Praja Mangkunegaran , a great duchy in southern central Java, and Hero National Indonesia . His father was named Prince Arya Mangkunegara of Kartasura and his mother was named RA Wulan. RM Said was born in Kartasura with the father of KPA Mangkunegara, the eldest son of Sunan Amangkurat IV (Pakubuwana I), the ruler of Mataram-Kartasura Kesunanan. Thus, he has a second right after his father as the heir to the throne. Nevertheless, KPA. Mangkunegara is politically overtly anti-VOC, the same attitude with his sister, KPA Mangkubumi, and BRM. Said himself. This political stance made the Mangkunegara KPA exiled to Sailan (Srilanka) by the VOC, after intrigue among the families themselves.
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03/17/1757-Prince Mangkunegara I surrenders to Hamengkubuwono I (aka Mangkubumi) in Java 
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