1567, Nov 141625, Apr 23
stadtholder of all the provinces of the Dutch Republic except for Friesland from 1585 at earliest until his death in 1625. Before he became Prince of Orange upon the death of his eldest half-brother Philip William in 1618, he was known as Maurice of Nassau. Maurice spent his youth in Dillenburg in Nassau, and studied in Heidelberg and Leiden. He succeeded his father William the Silent as stadtholder of Holland and Zeeland in 1585, and became stadtholder of Utrecht, Guelders and Overijssel in 1590, and of Groningen in 1620. As Captain-General and Admiral of the Union, Maurice organised the Dutch rebellion against Spain into a coherent, successful revolt and won fame as a military strategist.
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02/26/1590-Maurice of Orange sails to Breda 
03/04/1590-Maurice of Orange's ship reaches Breda 
03/06/1590-Maurice of Orange conquers Breda "turfschip of Breda" 
04/02/1590-Dutch States-General appoints Maurice of Orange, Prince of Orange, as Stadtholder of Utrecht 
05/20/1591-Spanish troops in Zutphen surrenders to William Louis of Nassau-Dillenburg/ Maurice of Orange 
06/10/1591-Dutch troops under Maurice of Orange of Nassau occupy Deventer, NE
10/21/1591-Nijmegen surrenders to Earl Maurice of Orange 
06/28/1593-Maurice of Orange conquers Geertruidenberg 
05/22/1594-Earl Maurice of Orange and William Louis of Nassau-Dillenburg begins siege of Groningen 
07/23/1594-Groningen surrenders to earl Maurice of Orange and William Louis of Nassau-Dillenburg 
10/09/1597-Earl Maurice of Orange occupies Breevoort 
07/02/1600-Battle of Nieuwpoort: Prince Maurice of Orange's army occupies Nieuwpoort Flanders, Netherlands
07/02/1600-Battle of Nieuwpoort: Earl Maurice of Orange beats Spanish Army
07/30/1601-Spanish garrison of Rhine birch surrenders to Earl Maurice of Orange 
08/06/1601-Spanish garrison of Meurs surrender to earl Maurice of Orange 
11/24/1601-Earl Maurice of Orange ceases siege of De Bosch due to strict monarchy 
09/19/1602-Grave surrenders to earl Maurice of Orange 
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