1662, Jul 111726, Feb 26
a Wittelsbach ruler of Bavaria and a Kurf├╝rst of the Holy Roman Empire. He was also the last governor of the Spanish Netherlands and duke of Luxembourg. An able soldier, his ambition led to conflicts that limited his ultimate dynastic achievements. By 1683 he was already embarked on a military career, fighting in the defense of Vienna against the attempt of the Ottoman Empire to extend their possessions further into Europe. He returned to court for long enough to marry Maria Antonia, daughter of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor and Margaret Theresa of Spain, on July 15, 1685 in Vienna, Austria.
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12/04/1691-King Charles II of Spain names Maximilian II Emanuel Governor of the Spanish Netherlands 
03/26/1692-King Maximilian II Emanuelinstalled as land guardian of South Netherlands 
04/29/1706-Emperor Joseph I enacts Imperial Bans against , Elector of Bavaria, and Joseph Clemens, Elector of Cologne, for supporting France in the War of the Spanish Succession 
05/17/1712-Maximilian II Emanuel of Bavaria honored as "sovereign of Netherlands" 
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