1505, Dec 181546, May 17
a German adventurer, and an early European explorer of Venezuela. He is a significant figure in the history of Klein-Venedig (1528 - 1546), the concession of Venezuela Province to the Welser banking family by Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain. Hutten joined a band of 600 adventurers, under Georg von Speyer, who sailed out to conquer and exploit the province in the family's interest. The party landed at Coro in February 1535 and Hutten accompanied Speyer on his long and difficult expedition into the interior in search of treasure (El Dorado).
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Georg von Speyer the company of Nikolaus Federmann and then with Philipp von Hutten. Against advice, Speyer had appointed Federmann his...
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...Speyer. Finding Speyer dead on his arrival, he joined Philipp von Hutten in exploring Venezuela for the Welser banking...
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