1650, Nov 41689-17021702, Mar 8
sovereign Prince of Orange from birth, Stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Gelderland, and Overijssel in the Dutch Republic from 1672, and King of England (and Supreme Governor of the Church of England), Ireland, and Scotland from 1689 until his death. William's reputation as a strong Protestant enabled him to take the British crowns when many were fearful of a revival of Catholicism under James.
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10/15/1654-Prince William III appointed viceroy of Overijssel 
10/01/1657-Treaty of Raalte: William III no longer viceroy of Overijssel
02/07/1668-Dutch Prince William III dances in premiere of Francois Francœur's Ballet of Peace 
07/09/1672-William III of England inaugurated as viceroy of Holland/Zealand 
09/06/1672-William III's troops reconquer Naarden on France 
09/12/1673-Prince William III occupies Naarden 
11/12/1673-Siege of Bonn ends, Dutch troops under William III occupy the city
08/11/1674-First Battle of Seneffe ( vs Louis de Bourbon[2])
10/26/1674-Prince William III occupies Grave 
02/21/1675-Prince William III appointed viceroy of Gelderland 
03/02/1675-Prince William III installed as governor of Overijssel 
04/11/1677-Battle of Cassel, French troops beat Dutch Prince William III
11/04/1677-Prince William III of England marries his first-cousin, English princess Mary II
08/14/1678-The Battle of Saint-Denis begins - French repulse William III
06/30/1688-Whig-Lords questions prince William III on Protestantism 
10/01/1688-Prince William III accepts the invitation of the English crown to occupy 
11/11/1688-Prince William III's invasion fleet sails to England 
11/15/1688-Prince William III's army lands at Torbay England 
11/24/1688-General strategist John Churchill  meets William III 
12/04/1688-General strategist John Churchill joins with William III 
12/20/1688-Prince William III's troops pull into London 
01/22/1689-Prince William III calls English parliament together 
02/13/1689-Dutch prince William III and wife Mary II proclaimed joint sovereigns of Britain
02/14/1689-English parliament places Mary II/Prince William III on the throne 
03/14/1689-Scotland dismisses William III and Mary II as king and queen 
04/11/1689-William III and Mary II crowned as joint rulers of Britain
05/09/1689-English King William III declares war on France 
06/11/1690-English king William III departs for Ireland 
06/14/1690-King William III's army lands at Carrickfergus, Ireland
07/01/1690-Army of England's Protestant King William III defeats Roman Catholic King James II in Battle of Boyne in Ireland
07/1/1690-Battle of the Boyne -- William III of Orange beats Irish Jacobite forces under King James II
09/06/1690-King William III escapes back to England 
01/18/1691-English king William III travels to The Hague 
07/12/1691-Battle of Aughrim (Aghrim) England, William III beats James II
02/13/1692-MacDonald clan murdered on orders of King William III 
07/24/1692-French defeat William III of England at Steinkirk (Enghein) 
05/12/1695-English king William III departs to Netherlands 
08/04/1695-French garrison of surrenders to William III 
09/01/1695-Dutch/English army under king William III occupies Names 
09/04/1695-French garrison of castle Names surrenders for William III 
10/10/1695-King William III escapes South Netherlands, back to England 
03/07/1696-English king William III departs Netherlands 
08/13/1696-State of Drenthe accredits William III as mayor 
05/24/1697-English king William III travels through northern Europe 
03/08/1702-James II's daughter, Queen Anne Stuart, becomes Queen of England upon the death of King William III
05/12/1849-William Alexander Paul Frederick Louis crowned king William III in Amsterdam
04/26/1853-Dutch King William III disbands second Chamber 
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Supreme Governors:
Church of England

Henry VIII (1536-1547): King of England from 1509 until his death and Supreme Head of the Church of England from 1536 to 1547. He was the first English King of Ire...
Edward VI (1547-1553): King of England and Ireland (and Supreme Head of the Church of England) from 28 January 1547 until his death. Edward's reign was marked by ...
Jane Grey (1553): an English noblewoman and de facto monarch of England and Ireland from 10 July until 19 July 1553. When the 15-year-old king lay dying in Ju...
 Mentions (17)
Amalia of Solms-Braunfels
...regency council during the minority of her grandson William III, Prince of Orange from 1650 until 1672. She was the...
John Bancks
...including works on the lives of Jesus, Oliver Cromwell and William III.
Richard Blackmore
...Revolution, and Prince Arthur was a celebration of William III.
Hans Bontemantel
...regenten dismissed on 10 September 1672 by stadthouder William III of Orange, at the same time as the dismissal of...
Gilbert Burnet, and was one of the few close friends in whom King William III confided.
John Cheere
...1732. Among his works were a gilt equestrian statue of William III in St James's Square, London, made in 1739, and...
Caius Gabriel Cibber
...Cibber. He was appointed "carver to the king's closet" by William III. Many of his works were, or are, on public...
Anthonie Heinsius
...Spanish Succession (1701–14). After the death of William III in 1702, Heinsius' hold on the States General diminished,...
Constantijn Huygens Jr.
...Besides he was an amateur draughtsman of landscapes. When William III of England became stadtholder in 1672 Constantijn...
Godfrey Kneller
...the Kit-Cat Club; and ten "beauties" of the court of William III, to match a similar series of ten beauties of the...
Kurt Christoph von Konigsmarck
...Bremen-Verden and commander of Stade. He served the stadthouder William III of Orange in Bodegraven during the Rampjaar....
Queen Mary II
     ***** no match in text
Maurits Post
...Zuilenstein. He became the architect for Stadtholder William III of Orange from 1672 until his own early death in...
Godfried Schalcken
...painted several portraits, of which the half-length of William III of England, now in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam,...
James Francis Edward Stuart
     ***** no match in text
Albertus van Beest
...following years he made with Prince Henry, brother of King William III, some long trips with the Navy to the Mediterranean...
William II of Orange
...child, also named William, would go on to reign as William III of England and Ireland, as well as William II in Scotland....
King William III1650, Nov 41689
17021702, Mar 8

William Sancroft1617, Jan 301663
16901693, Nov 24
 the 79th Archbishop of Canterbury (1678-1690) of the Church of England, and was one of the Seven ...
Michael Wigglesworth16311651
 a Puritan minister, doctor and poet whose poem The Day of Doom was a bestseller in early N...
Suleiman II1642, Apr 151687
16911691, Jun 22/23
 the Sultan and Caliph (Sunni Islam) of the Ottoman Empire/Caliphate from 1687 to 1691. Immediatel...
Pope Alexander VIII1610, Apr 221689
16911691, Feb 1
 Pope for the Roman Catholic Church from 6 October 1689 to his death in 1691. He is the last pope ...
Isaac Aboab da Fonseca1605, Feb 11623
16931693, Apr 4
 a rabbi, scholar, kabbalist and writer. In 1656, he was one of several elders within the Portugue...
John Tillotson1630, Oct1661
16941694, Nov 22
 the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury from 1691 to 1694 for the Church of England. He devoted him...
Athanasios IIIunknown1686
 1st time; Patriarch (1686-1694)* Patriarchate of Antioch -*Church of Constantinople
Queen Mary II1662, Apr 301689
16941694, Dec 28
 joint Sovereign of England, Scotland, and Ireland and Supreme Governor of the Church of England w...
Ahmed II1643, Feb 251691
16951695, Feb 6
 the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and Caliph (Sunni Islam) of the Ottoman Caliphate from 1691 to 1...
Charles Albanel16161649
16961696, Jun 11
 a French missionary explorer in Canada, and a Jesuit priest. In 1649, he arrived in Canada at Tad...
Dionysius IV Muselimesunknown1662
16961696, Sep 23
  Ecumenical Patriarch of the Church of Constantinople for five times, in 1671–73, 1676–79, 16...
Theodosios [2]unknown1697
 Metropolitan of Turnovo (1697-?)* Bulgarian Orthodox Church
Richard Duckworthunknown1690
 an English campanologist. Duckworth, a native of Leicestershire, is probably identical with the R...
Carlo Giuseppe Imbonatiunknown1690
 a Cistercian scholar who was active during the last half of the 17th century. He spent much of hi...
Pope Innocent XII1615, Mar 131652
17001700, Sep 27
 Pope for the Roman Catholic Church from 12 July 1691 to his death in 1700. He took a hard stance ...
Eliyya X Yohannan Maroginunknown1660
 Patriarch (1660-1700)* Assyrian Church of the East
Olaus Swebilius1624, Jan 11681
17001700, Jun 29
 Archbishop of Uppsala (1681-1700)* Lutheran Swedish Church
Adrian I1627, Oct 21686
17001700, Oct 16
 he last pre-revolutionary Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia from 1690 to 1700 for the Church of ...
Shimoun XIII Dinkhaunknown1692
 Patriarch (1692-1700)* Assyrian Church of the East
Ioan VIIunknown1696
 Catholicos-Patriarch of Iberia (1696-1700) for the Orthodox Church of Georgia.
Jacques-Benigne Bossuet1627, Sep 271643
17011704, Apr 12
 a French bishop and theologian, renowned for his sermons and other addresses. He has been conside...
Eremia IIunknown1676
 Catholicose of Aluank' (1676-1701)* Oriental Orthodoxy
Trifily of Krutitsyunknown1700
 Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia (1700-1701)* Russian Orthodox Church
Philipp Spener1635, Jan 131653
17021705, Feb 5
 a German Christian theologian known as the "Father of Pietism." Highly influenced by Johann Arndt...
Ioannikios Iunknown1671
 Archbishop of Sinai (1671-1702)* Orthodox Church of Mount Sinai
Callinicus IIunknown1688
 the Ecumenical Patriarch for the Church of Constantinople for three terms (1688, 1689-93, 1694-17...
 Metropolitan of Durrë (1694-1702)* Orthodox Church of Albania
 Metropolitan of Durrë (1694-1702)* Orthodox Church of Albania
Yair Bacharach16391699
 a German rabbi and major 17th century posek, who lived first in Koblenz and then remainder of his...
 Archbishop of Ohrid (1699-1702)* Orthodox Church of Macedonia
Mustafa II1664, Feb 61695
17031703, Dec 28/30
 the Sultan and Caliph of the Ottoman Empire from 1695 to 1703. In June 1695, Mustafa II left Edir...
Kyrillos IIunknown1699
 Metropolitan of Athens (1699-1703)* Orthodox Church of Greece
Evdemoz IIunknown1700
 Catholicos-Patriarch of Iberia (1700-1703) for the Orthodox Church of Georgia.
Estephan El Douaihy1630, Aug 21670
17041704, May 3
 He was the 57th Patriarch of the Maronite Church from 1670 to 1704. He is considered one of the m...
Nahabed Iunknown1691
 Catholicose of All Armenian (1691-1705)* Oriental Orthodoxy......Catholicos Nahabed I of Edessa w...
Germanos IIunknown1694
 Archbishop of Nea Justiniana and All Cypru (1694-1705)* Orthodox Church of Cyprus
Matevos I [1]unknown1694
 Catholicose of Cilicia (1694-1705)* Armenian Apostolic Church
Arsenije III Carnojevic16331674
17061706, Oct 27
 the Archbishop of Pec and Patriarch of Serbs from 1674 to 1691 and Metropolitan of Sentandreja fr...
Tsangyang Gyatso1683, Mar 11697
17061706, Nov 15
 the sixth Dalai Lama of the Gelug (Yellow Hat Buddhism) of Tibet. He was a Monpa by ethnicity and...
Dositheos IIunknown1669
 Patriarch (1669-1707)* Patriarchate of Jerusalem -*Church of Constantinople
Gabriel IIIunknown1688
17071707, Oct 25
 the Ecumenical Patriarch for the Church of Constantinople from 1702 to 1707. Gabriel was born in...
Varlaam Iunknown1690
 Metropolitan of Kiev (1690-1707)* Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Theodosios [1]unknown1679
 Metropolitan of Hungaro-Walachia (1679-1708)* Romanian Orthodox Church
Ignatius George IIunknown1687
 Patriarch of Antioch and All the East (1687-1708)* Syrian Orthodox Church
Eric Benzelius the Elder1632, Dec 161700
17091709, Feb 17
 a Swedish theologian and Archbishop of Uppsala for the Lutheran Swedish Church from 1700 until hi...
Captain Sneedunknown1700
 Captain Sneed paid Governor William Markham of Pennsylvania more than £100 to become a justice o...
Gerasimos II Palladasunknown1688
 Pope and Patriarch (1688-1710) of the Patriarchate of Alexandria for the Church of Constantinople...
Kalinik I Skopljanacunknown1693
 Patriarch of Serbia (1693-1710)*Serbian Orthodox Church -*Church of Constantinople
Samuel Parris16531673
17111720, Feb 27
 the Puritan minister in Salem, Massachusetts during the Salem witch trials. He was also the fathe...
Duchod Labrangpa Jamgon Kungaunknown1685
 1685-1711, Sakya sect, Throne holder; Buddhism
Syedna Musa Kalimuddinunknown1692
 Islam; Dai al-Mutlaq Leader (1692-1711)* Dawoodi Bohra
Haquin Spegel1645, Jun 141670
17141714, Apr 17
 a religious author and hymn writer who held several bishop's seats for the Lutheran Swedish Churc...
Hayim Kamhiunknown1677
 Chief Rabbi (1677-1715)* Ottoman Empire
Thomas Tenison1636, Sep 291695
17151715, Dec 14
 an English church leader, Archbishop of Canterbury for the Church of England from 1694 until his ...
 Metropolitan of Ethiopia (1694-1716)* Ethiopian Church
Abraham ben Saul Broda1640 ca1693
17171717, Apr 11
 a Bohemian Talmudist (Talmudforscher). when the office of chief rabbi of Prague became vacant abo...
Pope John XVIunknown1676
17181718, Jun 15
 Abba Youannis XVI), 103rd Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark for the Coptic Or...
Naphtali Cohen16491690
 a Russo-German rabbi and kabalist born in Ostrowo in Ukraine. He belonged to a family of rabbis i...
Samuel Schotten16441685
17191719, Jul 5
  He became Rabbi of the Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt in 1685. Shmuel Schotten HaCohen was born ...
Pierre Daniel Huet1630, Feb 81651
17211721, Jan 26
 a French churchman and scholar, editor of the Delphin Classics, founder of the Academie du Physiq...
Pope Clement XI1649, Jul 231700
17211721, Mar 19
  Pope for the Roman Catholic Church from 23 November 1700 to his death in 1721. Clement XI was a ...
Ignatius Isaac Azar16471675
17221724, Jul 18
 the Patriarch of Antioch, and head of the Syriac Orthodox Church from 1709 until his resignation ...
Eliyya XI Maroginunknown1700
 Patriarch (1700-1722)*Assyrian Church of the East
Eliyya XI Maroginunknown1700
 Patriarch (1700-1722)* Assyrian Church of the East
Stefan of Ryazanunknown1701
 Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia (1701-1722)* Russian Orthodox Church
 the sixteenth Jebtsundamba Khutuktu and the first Bogd Gegeen or supreme spiritual authority, of ...
Pope Innocent XIII1655, May 131695
17241724, Mar 7
  Pope for the Roman Catholic Church from 8 May 1721 to his death in 1724. He is the last pope to ...
Cotton Mather1663, Feb 121685
17261728, Feb 13
 a socially and politically influential New England Puritan minister, prolific author, and pamphle...
Matthias Steuchius1644, Oct 261690
17301730, Aug 2
 the Bishop of the Diocese of Lund, 1694 to 1714 and Archbishop of Uppsala in the Lutheran Swedish...
Lobsang Yeshe16631671
 the fifth Panchen Lama of the Buddhist Gelug (Yellow Hat sect) of Tibet from 1663-1737. He was bo...
Shimoun XIV Slemanunknown1700
 Patriarch (1700-1740)*Assyrian Church of the East
Shimoun XIV Slemanunknown1700
 Patriarch (1700-1740)* Assyrian Church of the East
Melchior de Polignac1661, Oct 111683
17421742, Nov 20
 a French diplomat, Cardinal and neo-Latin poet. During the last years of Louis XIV, Abbé de Poli...
Andre-Hercule de Fleury1653, Jun 22/261679
17431743, Jan 29
 a French cardinal who served as the chief minister of Louis XV. He was sent to Paris as a child t...
Lancelot Blackburne1658, Dec 101680
17431743, Mar 23
 an English clergyman, who became Archbishop of York, and – in popular belief – a pirate. He w...
Aaron Hart16701692
 the first chief rabbi of the United Kingdom and the rabbi of the Great Synagogue of London from 1...
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