1560, Mar 131620, Jul 13
Count of Nassau-Dillenburg from 1606 to 1620, and stadtholder of Friesland, Groningen, and Drenthe. William Louis played a significant part in the Military Revolution of the 16th - 17th centuries. In a letter to his cousin Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange of December 8, 1594 he set out (from reading Aelianus Tacticus) an argument based on the use of ranks by soldiers of Imperial Rome as discussed in Aelian's Tactica. Aelian was discussing the use of the counter march in the context of the Roman sword gladius and spear pilium. William Louis in a 'crucial leap' realized that the same technique could work for men with firearms.
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11/10/1584-William Louis of Nassau-Dillenburg appointed viceroy of Friesland 
05/20/1591-Spanish troops in Zutphen surrenders to William Louis of Nassau-Dillenburg/ Maurice of Orange 
01/05/1593-William Louis of Nassau-Dillenburg becomes governor/viceroy of Drenthe 
05/22/1594-Earl Maurice of Orange and William Louis of Nassau-Dillenburg begins siege of Groningen 
07/23/1594-Groningen surrenders to earl Maurice of Orange and William Louis of Nassau-Dillenburg 
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