If you had the ability and years of training to take a block of wood or stone and turn it into a sublime piece of art, you too could have been employed by the church, the royal court or by a monied patron. Talented sculptors were usually in high demand and one could count on regular and continuing employment if one had the skill and techniques required. Here are many who did.

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Cornelis Ketel

a Dutch Mannerist painter, active in Elizabethan London from 1573 to 1581, and in Amsterdam from 1581 to the early 17th century, now known essentially as a portrait-painter, though he was also a poet and orator, and from 1595 began to sculpt as well.
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Mikhail Kozlovsky

1753, Nov 61774-18021802, Sep 30
a Russian Neoclassical sculptor active during the Age of Enlightenment. Although his early works harked back to the Baroque sensibility, Kozlovsky eventually succeeded in adapting his manner to Neoclassical monumentality. Among his classicizing works was the awesome gilt bronze statue of Samson Rending the Lion's Jaws (1800–02), a central piece of the Gran...
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Adam Kraft

1460 ca1490-15091509, Jan
a German stone sculptor and master builder of the late Gothic period, based in Nuremberg and with a documented career there from 1490. His masterpiece is considered to be the 18.7 meter tall (61 feet tall) tabernacle, in the Saint Lorenz church of Nuremberg. The tabernacle, that has the shape of a gothic tower reaching into the church's vault, is made up of ...
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Edward J. Kuntze

a sculptor. He received his artistic education mostly in Stockholm, Sweden, gained the Roman prize in the academy of fine arts there, and subsequently lived for many years in London, England. In 1852 he came to this country and, devoting himself to his art, achieved a reputation, and was elected an associate of the National Academy of Design in 1869. Among h...
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