If you had the ability and years of training to take a block of wood or stone and turn it into a sublime piece of art, you too could have been employed by the church, the royal court or by a monied patron. Talented sculptors were usually in high demand and one could count on regular and continuing employment if one had the skill and techniques required. Here are many who did.

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Sir Robert Taylor

a notable English architect of the mid-late 18th century. Among his earliest projects was Asgill House (known then as Richmond Place), and nearby Oak House. Through such connections, he came to be appointed as architect to the Bank of England until his death.
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John Ternouth

1796, Jan 301819-18481848, Jul 1
an English sculptor of the early 19th century. His most notable work is one of the four panels at the base of Nelson's Column in London's Trafalgar Square, depicting the Battle of Copenhagen.
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Bertel Thorvaldsen

1770 ca1781-18441844, Mar 24
a Danish sculptor of international fame, who spent most of his life in Italy. In Rome, Thorvaldsen quickly made a name for himself as a sculptor. Maintaining a large workshop in the city, he worked in a heroic neo-classicist style. His patrons resided all over Europe.
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Thomas Thurlow

a renowned English sculptor who created memorials in churches in the Saxmundham, Suffolk area, including a bust of the poet George Crabbe in St Peter and St Paul's Church, Aldeburgh. During his life, Thurlow completed many works for local people and various churches.
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Pellegrino Tibaldi

aka: Pellegrino di Tibaldo de Pellegrini
an Italian mannerist architect, sculptor, and mural painter.who spread the style of Italian Mannerist painting in Spain during the late 16th century. His first documented painting was likely as at 15 years of age, a Marriage of Saint Catherine. In 1561, he met Cardinal Carlo Borromeo, who employed him in Milan mostly as architect in the nearly endless task o...
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Niccolo Tribolo

aka: Niccolò
1500 ca1517-15501550, Sep 7
an Italian Mannerist sculptor in the service of Cosimo I de' Medici in his natal city of Florence. A court artist like his successor Bernardo Buontalenti, he was expected to function well as a member of a team; as a result, his name has been overshadowed by greater personalities. Soon Tribolo was fully employed by Grand Duke Cosimo I de' Medici. Many of the ...
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Aert van Tricht

a Dutch metal-caster who was active in Maastricht between 1492 and 1501. Died in Antwerp in 1521. He is sometimes called Aert van Tricht the Elder to distinguish him from his son. His known works include an eagle lecturn, fonts, candelabra, and a bronze tabernacle.
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