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Short for belong. Samuel Rowlands, in HUMORS ORDINARIE (1607) cried: Bid me go sleepe; I scorne it with my heeles, I know my selfe as good a man as thee: Let goe mine arms I say, lead him that reeles, I am a right good fellowf doest thou see? I know what longes to drinking, and I can Abuse myself as well as any man.

Vulcan's brow

A horned brow, the sign of the cuckold. The allusion is to the amours of Mars and Vulcan's wife, Venus. Samuel Rowlands, in his satire LOOKE TO IT: FOR ILE STABBE YE (1604), stabbed all sorts of sinners with his pen, among them the "huswife" always demanding money of her husband: You that will have it, get it how he can, Or he shall weare a Vulcans brow, poore man. Ile stabbe thee.
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