A collection of notable quotations from a variety of Early Modern Era individuals. See the Guide for more details.

A retirement consecrated to wisdom, and graced by the love of an admiring people. A lot of which kings would envy, if they could appreciate it. — Arthur Middleton
Few escape from all the storms of life unwrecked; but few are cheered amid the tempest with the hopes of such a haven as that which you have reached. — Arthur Middleton
The Spanish are receiving and harboring all our runaway negroes, they have found out a new way of sending our own slaves against us, to rob and plunder us -- they are continually fitting out parties of Indians from St. Augustine to murder our white people, to rob our plantations, and carry off our slaves so that we are not only at a vast expense of guarding our southern frontiers, but the inhabitants are continually alarmed and have no leizure to look after their crops. — Arthur Middleton

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