A collection of notable quotations from a variety of Early Modern Era individuals. See the Guide for more details.

I earnestly wish them all imaginable success; in the first place that they may not, by the unseasonable obscurity of a cloudy sky, be deprived of this most desirable sight; and then, that having ascertained with more exactness the magnitudes of the planetary orbits, it may redound to their eternal fame and glory.
— "A New Method of Determining the Parallax of the Sun." Philosophical Transactions, Vol. XXIX (1716)
— Edmond Halley
In the year 1456 … a Comet was seen passing Retrograde between the Earth and the sun… Hence I dare venture to foretell, that it will return again in the year 1758.
— "A Synopsis of the Astronomy of Comets" (1705)
— Edmond Halley
Nearer the gods no mortal may approach.
— Preface, "Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica," referring to Isaac Newton
— Edmond Halley
This sight ... is by far the noblest astronomy affords.
— “De Visibili Conjunctione Inferiorum Planetarum cum Sole, Dissertatio Astronomica.” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society 17 (1691): 519
— Edmond Halley

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