(Peucedanum graveolens)

Description: Annual . 2-2 1/2'. Like fennel but smaller with pointed, feathery leaves. Bears clusters of yellow flowers. Produces many bitter seeds.

Culture: Easy to grow. Sow in sunny place in spring or summer, and for quantity, sow in rows 10" apart in early spring and thin to 10" each way. Keep weeded. Cut leaves as needed in early morning or late evening. Cut seeds when green. Thresh sheaves on large sheet and beat seeds out. Successive planting is good idea. Self-sows.

Preservation: Dry on trays in sun or over moderate heat on stove, shaking occasionally, or hang with leaves. Store seeds in dark bottle.

Uses :
  • Culinary : Tastes a bit like caraway. Use leaves in soups, sauces, fish, pickles, potato salad, lamb, cottage cheese. Seeds in vinegar, cakes, pastry, sauce, bread, pickles
  • Medicinal: Sedative tea.

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