Raisins are grapes, prepared by suffering them to remain on the vine until they are perfectly ripe, and then drying them in the sun or by the heat of an oven. The sun-dried grapes are sweet, the oven-dried of an acid flavour. The common way of drying grapes for raisins is to tie two or three bunches of them together, whilst yet on the vine, and dip them into a hot lixivium of wood-ashes mixed with a little of the oil of olives: this disposes them to shrink and wrinkle, after which they are left on the vine three or four days, separated, on sticks in a horizontal situation, and then dried in the sun at leisure, after being cut from the tree.

Colonial Sense recipes using raisin, raisins (20)

Early American pie

Good in winter

Makes 12 buns or one cake

Holiday dessert

Great dessert or snack

Colonial wine

Colonial wine

Summer wine

Basic baking

Colonial wine

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