(Anthemis nobilis)

Description: Perennial . To 1 '. One of several chamomiles, this one has a single crown of white, notched ray florets, which as they age are crowned with yellow centers. Pleasantly scented. Mats of mosslike leaves are formed as stem creeps along the ground. Makes a good ground cover.

Culture: Plant from seed and bits of rooted stems in dry sunny areas. Sometimes self sows. Can be sown indoors and transplanted in April. Blooms in August. Keep weeded. Keep flower heads picked to enable spreading.

Preservation: Spread on screens to dry before storing or use brown paper bag method.

  • Medicinal: Tea made from flowers (1 oz. flowers to 1 pt. boiling water in covered pot for 10 minutes) is said to be soothing for nervous afflictions, tonic for weak stomach.
  • Cosmetic: Chamomile tea rinse softens hair and lightens light-colored hair after shampoo. An infusion in the bath removes weariness. Crushed leaves have a sweet scent.

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