(Allium schoenoprasum)

Description: Perennial . 10". Clumps of slender onionlike tubular leaves with lavender flowers in spring. Dormant in winter.

Culture: Plant seeds or clump divisions in full sun in well-drained soil. Keep clipped. Nice in pots on sunny sills.

Preservation: Clip and freeze.

  • Culinary: Wherever light oniony flavor and attractive green color are desired. Especially nice in dips, salads, spreads, cheese, sauces.
  • Medicinal: Appetite and digestion stimulant. Diuertic

Food and Farming Page Picture
Chives, Garlic (allium)

Colonial opinion: Garlic was considered a preservative against pestilential air. Gerard noted it aids women who sit over it in a bath, cures ringworm and scabbed heads. Culpeper found garlic chives good for the falling sickness but bad for those "oppressed with melancholy." He noted that cumin seeds or green beans chewed after eating garlic removed the disagreeable smell from the breath.

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