Coloring is a great pastime for young kids -- and the young-at-heart as well. Colonial Sense is pleased to offer a growing collection of ready-to-print pages to occupy kids for hours, and also to teach them a little about colonial American history.

We've scoured the web for all coloring pages relating to early America (leaving source/copyright information intact, when given) and have gathered them here. Then, being less than satisfied with our findings, we've created -- and will continue to create -- our own original Colonial Sense pages for coloring.

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Presidents     Events     People     Places     Things     

Adams, John

Adams, John and Abigail

Adams, John Quincy

Jefferson, Thomas

Jefferson, Thomas with Declaration

Madison, James

Washington, George

Washington, George & Martha

Washington, George on Horse

Washington, George Portrait

Washington, Martha

Presidents     Events     People     Places     Things     

Boston Tea Party

Fife and Drum

Revere, Paul on Horse

Revere, Paul's Ride

Presidents     Events     People     Places     Things     

Colonial Farmer

Colonial Lady

Colonial Man

Colonial Recruit

Colonial Soldier


Handing out Public Notices

King George III

Pilgrim Woman and Indian

Pitcher, Molly


Sampson, Deborah

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam Pointing

Presidents     Events     People     Places     Things     

Hampton Mansion

Log Cabin

Presidents     Events     People     Places     Things     

Colonial Mug

Continental Coin

Eagle in Flight

Eagle, Perched

Eagle, Stylized

Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell with Ribbon

Pilgrim Ship

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