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The recipes of Colonial America are quite diverse, going well beyond "Boston Baked Beans" or venison and turkey. And, given their limited supply of resources -- the supermarket did not yet exist -- they used their ingenuity to create a wide range of palatable dishes. Some we still enjoy today in mainstream America, while other methods and items of preparation have fallen out of fashion. Here you will find both the popular and not-so-popular recipes of the early Americans.

Meats (60)

Seafood (60)

Side Dishes (60)

Soups-Stews (60)

Desserts (60)

Breads-Cakes (60)

Toppings (60)

Drinks (60)

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480 of 480 Recipes
Displaying Recipes 101 to 150
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Cake, CommonBreads-CakesSuitable for sending to Children at School
Cake, EconomicalBreads-CakesBasic baking
Cake, Nice Useful Breads-CakesBasic baking
Calf's Feet, FricasseedMeatsColonial main dish
Calf's Head, HashedMeats(Cold Meat Cookery)
Canary PuddingDessertsLemony dessert
Candied CitrusDessertsColonial candy
Candied GingerDessertsAdapted from Martha Washington's recipe
Caper Sauce IToppingsFor fish
Carp, StewedSeafoodBasic fish
Carrot Soup ISoups-StewsUpdated 18 century recipe
Carrot Soup IISoups-StewsBasic soup
Carrot Soup IIISoups-StewsBasic soup
Carrots, BoiledSide DishesBasic vegetable
Celery SauceToppingsFor roasted fowl
Celery SoupSoups-StewsBasic soup
Celery VinegarToppingsFor salads
Celery, StewedSide DishesColonial side dish
Champagne CobblerDrinksDelicious refresher
Champagne-CupDrinksPass-around drink for events
Chantilly SoupSoups-StewsSummer soup
Cherry BrandyDrinksPotent Potable
Cherry JamToppingsGreat topping for bread
Chestnut (Spanish) SoupSoups-StewsAutumn soup
Chicken Roly-PolyMeats A very old recipe
Chocolate Truffles DessertsDelicious chocolate treats
Christmas CakeBreads-CakesHoliday dessert
Claret CupDrinksMade for weddings and other events
CocoaDrinksWinter drink
Cocoa-Nut SoupSoups-StewsAutumn soup
Cod a la CremeSeafoodGood for leftover fish
Cod a la Maitre d'HotelSeafoodGreat for leftover cod
Cod, BoiledSeafoodBasic fish
CoffeeDrinksBasic beverage
Coffee, NutritiousDrinksColonial breakfast drink
Colonial BreadBreads-CakesAdapted for bread machine
Colonial Brown Sugar CookiesDessertsGreat dessert or snack
Colonial VinaigretteToppingsSalad/veggie dressing
Colony Corn Chowder Soups-StewsHearty soup
Cordial, Very FineDrinksColonial drink
Cowslip WineDrinksColonial wine
Crab, HotSeafoodColonial seafood
Crust, ButterBreads-Cakes for Boiled Puddings
Crust, CommonBreads-CakesFor Raised Pies
Crust, Common ShortBreads-CakesBasic baking
Crust, SuetBreads-Cakes"for Pies or Puddings"
Cucumber SoupSoups-Stews(French Recipe)
Cucumbers a la PouletteSide DishesBest in late summer
Cucumbers, DressedSide DishesColonial side dish
Cucumbers, FriedSide DishesColonial side dish

480 of 480 Recipes
Displaying Recipes 101 to 150
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  

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