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The recipes of Colonial America are quite diverse, going well beyond "Boston Baked Beans" or venison and turkey. And, given their limited supply of resources -- the supermarket did not yet exist -- they used their ingenuity to create a wide range of palatable dishes. Some we still enjoy today in mainstream America, while other methods and items of preparation have fallen out of fashion. Here you will find both the popular and not-so-popular recipes of the early Americans.

Meats (60)

Seafood (60)

Side Dishes (60)

Soups-Stews (60)

Desserts (60)

Breads-Cakes (60)

Toppings (60)

Drinks (60)

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480 of 480 Recipes
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Onion PieSide DishesVegetarian pastry
Onion SauceToppings"for a Turkie"
Onions, Pickled ISide DishesColonial side dish
Onions, Pickled IISide Dishes(a very Simple Method, and exceedingly Good)
Onions, Spanish, BakedSide DishesColonial side dish
Orange Batter PuddingDessertsBest for winter
Orange BrandyDrinks"Excellent"
Orange FrittersDessertsColonial dessert
Orange GravyToppings"for Wildfowl, Widgeon, Teal, &c."
Orange Wine, Very SuperiorDrinks(also for Ginger Wine)
Ox-Feet, FriedMeatsCow-Heel may also be used
Ox-Tails, BroiledMeatsBasic meat
Oyster SauceToppingsSeafood sauce
Oysters, FriedSeafoodBasic cooking
Oysters, Fried in BatterDessertsGreat by themselves or as a garnish
Oysters, Fried ItalianSeafood"Delicious delicacy"
Parsnips, BoiledSide DishesBasic Vegetable
Partridge SoupSoups-StewsBasic soup
Partridge, RoastedMeatsBasic meat
Paste, CommonBreads-Cakesfor Family Pies
Pate Brisee IBreads-CakesFrench pie dough
Pate Brisee IIBreads-Cakesaka French Crust, for Raised Pies
Pate SucreeBreads-CakesRich Pie Dough
Pavini CakeBreads-CakesModerately-sweet cake
Pea Soup, Winter (Yellow)Soups-StewsSuitable for cold weather
Peach-Raspberry Strudel Filling DessertsPie filling
Peas, Green, a la FrancaiseSide DishesVegetarian
Peppermint DropsDessertsColonial candy
Perch, BoiledSeafoodBasic fish
Perch, FriedSeafoodBasic fish
Pesto SauceToppingsGreat use for basil
Pheasant SoupSoups-StewsWinter soup
Pigeon, FricaseeMeatsBasic cooking
Pigeons, RoastedMeatsBasic cooking
Pike, BakedSeafoodBasic fish
Pike, BoiledSeafoodBasic fish
Plaice, StewedSeafoodSeafood entree
Planters' PunchDrinksRefreshing (and potent!) drink
Pleasant DrinkDrinksFor Warm Weather
Plum-Pudding, Christmas Desserts"Very Good"
Plymouth Succotash Side DishesGreat, tasty side!
Potage PrintanierSoups-Stewsaka Spring Soup
Potato BallsSide DishesGreat side dish
Potato FrittersSide DishesColonial side dish
Potato SnowSide DishesEasy side dish
Potato StewSoups-StewsHearty vegetaian stew
Potatoes, MashedSide DishesBasic cooking
Puff Paste, MediumBreads-CakesEconomy puff paste
Puff Paste, Very GoodBreads-CakesUsed in many other recipes
Pumpkin BreadBreads-CakesDelicious autumn bread

480 of 480 Recipes
Displaying Recipes 301 to 350
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  

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