Time: To stand covered 24 hours; to be boiled 1 hour

Seasonable: Make this in September

  1. To every 3 gallons of water allow 1 peck of elderberries
  2. To every gallon of juice allow
    • 3 lbs. of sugar
    • 1/2 oz. of ground ginger
    • 6 cloves
    • 1 lb. of good Turkey raisins
  3. 1/2 pint of brandy to every gallon of wine
  4. To every 9 gallons of wine 3 or 4 tablespoonfuls of fresh brewer's yeast
  • Pour the water, quite boiling, on the elderberries, which should be picked from the stalks, and let these stand covered for 24 hours
  • Strain the whole through a sieve or bag, breaking the fruit to express all the juice from it
  • Measure the liquor, and to every gallon allow the above proportion of sugar
  • Boil the juice and sugar with the ginger, cloves, and raisins for 1 hour, skimming the liquor the whole time
  • Let it stand until milk-warm, then put it into a clean dry cask, with 3 or 4 tablespoonfuls of good fresh yeast to every 9 gallons of wine
  • Let it ferment for about a fortnight
  • Add the brandy, bung up the cask, and let it stand some months before it is bottled, when it will be found excellent

  • A bunch of hops suspended to a string from the bung, some persons say, will preserve the wine good for several years. Elder wine is usually mulled, and served with sippets of toasted bread and a little grated nutmeg.

    Source: The Book of Household Management by Isabella Beeton (1859)

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