1. four gallons of water
  2. four pounds of Malaga raisins
  3. half a peck of damsons
  4. infused juice of damsons
  5. sugar
  • Take the water, and put to it the Malaga raisins and damsons
  • Put the whole into a vessel without cover, having only a linen cloth laid over it
  • Let them steep six days, stirring twice every day
  • Then let them stand six days without stirring
  • Draw the juice out of the vessel, and colour it with the infused juice of damsons
  • Sweeten it with sugar till it is like claret wine
  • Put it into a wine vessel for a fortnight
  • Then bottle it up; and it may be drunk in a month

  • All made wines are the better for brandy, and will not keep without it. The quantity must be regulated by the degree of strength you wish to give to your wine.

    Source: The Lady's Own Cookery Book by Charlotte Campbell Bury (1844)

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