Makes one quarter cask of thirty gallons

  1. 10-12 oz essence of spruce
  2. 2 gallons of the best molasses;
  3. 5-6 gallons of warm water
  4. 1 pint of good yeast or porter grounds
  • Combine the essence of spruce, the molasses, and the warm water Mix well till it leaves a froth Pour it into the cask, and fill it up with more water Add the yeast or porter grounds Shake the cask well Set it by for twenty-four hours to work Stop it down close Next day, draw it off into bottles, which should be closely corked Set by in a cool cellar for ten days, when it will be as fine spruce-beer as ever was dr/li>

  • The grounds will serve instead of yest for a second brewing.

    In a hot climate, cold water should be used instead of warm.

    Source: The Lady's Own Cookery Book by Charlotte Campbell Bury (1844)

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