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Berries in syrup

  1. Strawberries
  2. Syrup
  • Observe to get the strawberries for this purpose in very dry weather, that if it had not rained for three or four days, pick the largest and finest you can get.
  • Put some syrup into a preserving pan.
  • Boil it over a brisk fire for half an hour and put your strawberries in while it boils, do not put many into the pan only one strawberry deep.
  • Let them boil twenty minutes and take off all the scum with paper very carefully.
  • If you find they are like to break, take them off immediately and put them into your pots, when cold put apple jelly over, and be very careful that your pots are not the least damp.

  • Source: Frederick Nutt, The Complete Confectioner, 1807

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