Souse is a pickling solution or a marinade.
Liquor is is the water, etc. the fish is boiled in.

  1. Spring Water
  2. Salt
  3. 1/2 pt Vinegar
  4. Bay leaves
  5. Green Fennel
  • Put some spring water into a fish-kettle with a handful of salt, half a pint of vinegar, and a few bay leaves, and make it boil
  • Put in your mackerel, (observe they are covered with the liquor) and boil them twenty minutes very gently
  • Take them out, put them in a long pan, and pour the liquor over them
  • When they are cold, put them in a dish with some of the liquor
  • Garnish with green fennel

  • Source: The New-England Cookery by Lucy Emerson, 1808

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