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While clean water was plentiful at the birth of our country, it didn't have much flavor. The colonialists wasted no time adding different herbs and flavors to their water. Or other potables: beer brewing and distilling were some of the earliest industries of the colonies. Other recipes made their way here from the settlers' native homeland. All we can find are listed below.

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Aqua Mirabilisa very fine Cordial
Barley-WaterFor invalids
Beef TeaPrimarily for invalids
Beef Tea, BakedFor invalids
Beef Tea, SavourySoyer's Recipe
Champagne CobblerDelicious refresher
Champagne-CupPass-around drink for events
Cherry BrandyPotent Potable
Claret CupMade for weddings and other events
CocoaWinter drink
CoffeeBasic beverage
Coffee, NutritiousColonial breakfast drink
Cordial, Very FineColonial drink
Cowslip WineColonial wine
Currant ShrubCurrant juice and rum
Damson WineColonial wine
Egg WinePrimarily for invalids
Elder WineColonial wine
Fish House PunchGreat for parties!
FlipPotent potable
Ginger Beer IColonial refresher
Ginger Beer IIColonial refresher
Ginger WineSummer wine
Gooseberry Wine, EffervescingPotent colonial wine
Grape WineColonial wine
Hot PunchPotent winter warmer
Lemon BrandyPotent tangy flavor
Lemon WineColonial wine
LemonadeSummer refresher
Lemonade for InvalidsWhen regular lemonade is just too much!
Lemonade, Nourishing(with sherry & eggs)
Malt WineSweet potable
Martha Washington's Rum PunchPresidential punch
Mixed Fruit WineFruity wine
Mulled WineSpiced wine
NegusWine for "children's parties"
Norfolk PunchAttributed to the Duke of Norfolk
Old Ironsides Rum and SodaPotent potable
Old Salem SmashPotent potable
Orange Brandy"Excellent"
Orange Wine, Very Superior(also for Ginger Wine)
Planters' PunchRefreshing (and potent!) drink
Pleasant DrinkFor Warm Weather
Rhubarb WinePotent potable
Rice-Milk"wholesome for children"
Roman PunchParty drink
Sham Port WineEconomic imitation
Shrub IOrange juice and rum
Shrub IIOrange/lemon juice and liquor
Shrub IIIOrange juice and rum

60 of 60 Drinks
Displaying Drinks 1 to 50
  1 2  

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