New England Weather - Winter Scene
Winter Scene
The harsh weather
we have been experiencing this 2009-2010 winter season has been a record breaking- from the 92 inches of snow reported in a storm at Flagstaff, Arizona to the thirty-three inch record breaking storm at Burlington, Vermont, from the devastating mudslides of California to the record cold temperatures in Florida. The weather affects our lives in the same manner that the colonists. However, they were at a disadvantage, for they could not use heavy trucks, salt and snow plows to open the impenetrable countryside. Instead they had either to live upon the bounties from the autumn season, or travel in a more primitive method by horse and sleigh or snow shoes.

The New England winters can be some of the harshest winters in the United States. We record our reaction to these storms via the media. And like us, the colonists recorded their memories in through oral and written tradition. Therefore, Colonial Sense brings to you not only winter snow storms but thunderstorms, earthquakes, tornadoes, avalanches and any other incidents that affected their lives.

Source: Historic Storms of New England by Sidney Perley, 1891

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