Revenge Crew:
Belvin , James: Bo'son on the Revenge, commanded by {c5940}. Said to be a good sailor but somewhat bloodthirsty. Hanged at Wapping in June, 1725.
Machauly , Daniel: Pirate from Scotland. Crew member of the Revenge, commanded by {c5940}. Captured, tried, and hanged at Execution Dock at Wapping on June 11t...
The King of Pirates
(Adventures of Captain John Gow):

(D. Defoe, 1895)
…Here, it is to be observed, they found a man very fit for their turn, one James Belvin. He was boatswain of the sloop, a stout, brisk fellow, and a very good sailor, but otherways wicked enough to suit with their occasion, and as soon as he came among them he di...
The Pirates' Who's Who:
(P. Gosse, 1924)
Bo'son to Captain Gow, the pirate. He had the reputation of being a good sailor but a bloodthirsty fellow. Was hanged at Wapping in June, 1725.

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