Crew of François l'Ollonais:
Led by Francois l'Ollonais
de Basco , Michael: de Basco assisted Francois l'Olonaise as land captain in the attacks and conquests of Maracaibo and Gibraltar.
Le Picard , Pierre: a 17th-century French buccaneer. He was an officer to {c642}, and he and {c663} left to pursue a career on their own. Later, he teamed with ...
The Pirates' Who's Who:
(P. Gosse, 1924)
A Frenchman born at Les Sables d'Ollone.

In his youth he was transported as an indented labourer to the French Island of Dominica in the West Indies. Having served his time L'Ollonais went to the Island of Hispaniola, and joined the buccaneers there, living ...
  • 1667, takes 260,000 pesos from unknown shipd near Maracaibo & Gibraltar, Venezuela
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