Charles Gibbs Gang:
Led by Charles Gibbs
Atwell : A hand aboard the brig Vineyard in 1830, he took part with {c756} and others in a mutiny in which both the captain and mate was murdered.
Wansley , Thomas: A negro steward on the brig Vineyard, he mutinied and assisted to murder the captain and mate, afterwards becoming one of Captain {c756}'s c...
The Pirates' Who's Who:
(P. Gosse, 1924)
Born at Rhode Island in 1794, he was brought up on a farm there. Ran away to sea in the United States sloop-of-war Harriet. Was in action off Pernambuco against H.M.S. Peacock, afterwards serving with credit on board the Chesapeake in her famou...
Trial And Sentence:
Of Thomas J. Wansley and Charles Gibbs, For Murder and Piracy, On board the Brig Vineyard.
Full transcript HERE. Scan of original (as PDF) available HERE
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