unknown1664-16721702, Sep 12
With Gerrit de Ferry, he patented a wooden firespout in Amsterdam. Served with the Dutch East India Company in Batavia.
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08/29/1664-Adriaen Pieck/Gerrit de Ferry patent wooden firespout in Amsterdam 
01/03/1687-Adriaen Pieck joins the Dutch East India Company as junior merchant with chamber Amsterdam. Departs on the ship Bantam bound for Batavia
04/25/1687-Arrival of the ship Bantam on the Cape of Good Hope, from Amsterdam, with Adriaen Pieck on board
05/13/1687-Departure of the ship Bantam from the Cape of Good Hope to Batavia with Adriaen Pieck on board
08/10/1687-Arrival of the ship Bantam in Batavia with Adriaen Pieck
Adriaen Pieckunknown1664
16721702, Sep 12

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