1586 ca1623
an English poet chiefly known for his long allegorical poem Christ's Victory and Triumph (1610). He was the younger son of Giles Fletcher the Elder (minister to Elizabeth I), and the brother of the poet Phineas Fletcher, and cousin of the dramatist John Fletcher. Educated at Westminster School and Trinity College, Cambridge, he remained in Cambridge after his ordination, becoming Reader in Greek Grammar in 1615 and Reader in Greek Langue in 1618. In 1619 left to become rector of Alderton in Suffolk. His principal work has the full title Christ's Victorie and Triumph, in Heaven, in Earth, over and after Death, and consists of four cantos.
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Infuneral: To bury, entomb. Giles Fletcher the Younger wrote in CHRISTS VICTORIE (1610) : Disconsolat (as though her f...
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