a Dutch Golden Age painter. According to Houbraken he learned to paint from his father Isaak van Nickelen, who taught him perspective and who sent him to school to learn Latin and French. He was very inventive and discovered an innovation in textile production, which he was unable to exploit due to lack of funds. He also invented a new type of hard varnish, which he used in the production of chassinets, a painted silk backdrop for shadow plays and room screen decorations. His chassinets were popular with Johann Wilhelm, Elector Palatine, whom he met through his Amsterdam friend Herman van der Mijn and Jan Frans van Douven.
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Herman van der Mijn
...Johann Wilhelm, Elector Palatine. He took the family of Jan van Nickelen in tow to Dusseldorp, where they painted at...
Isaak van Nickelen
...him in relation to his son, the landscape painter Jan van Nickelen. According to the RKD in 1660 he became master of...
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