1524/251605, Apr 5
an English historian and antiquarian best known for his 1598 Survey of London. Stow's antiquarian interests attracted suspicion from the ecclesiastical authorities as a person "with many dangerous and superstitious books in his possession", and in 1568 his house was searched. An inventory was made of all the books at his home especially those "in defence of papistry", but he was able to satisfy his interrogators as to the soundness of his Protestantism. A second attempt to incriminate him was made in 1570 also without success. In 1580, Stow published his Annales, or a Generale Chronicle of England from Brute until the present yeare of Christ 1580; reprinted in 1592, 1601 and 1605, the last being continued to 26 March 1605, or within ten days of his death. Editions "amended" by Edmund Howes appeared in 1615 and 1631.
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