a French writer and poet during the Age of Enlightenment who penned two very important, seminal works in fantastic literature. In Voyages et Aventures de Jacques Massé [Voyages And Adventures Of Jacques Massé], published in 1714, he wrote of a fictional country located near South Africa. While the book kept to the confines of the traditional Utopias of the times, it did include "living fossils," giant birds and strange flora that survived from prehistoric eras, arguably making it one of the first modern Lost World novels. In his 1720 La Vie, les Aventures et le Voyage de Groenland du Révérend Père Cordelier Pierre de Mésange [The Life, Adventures & Trip To Greenland Of The Rev. Father Pierre de Mesange], Tyssot de Patot introduced the concept of a Hollow Earth.
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