1572, Jul 251649, Dec 2
a Dutch Golden Age writer and poet. He was born in Haarlem, and in 1591 went to study Greek and Latin at the University of Leiden. He became the assistant director of the Latin school in Haarlem in 1597, where he also started work on translating Ovid. In 1609 he succeeded Cornelis Schonaeus as director of the Haarlem Latin School, but in 1620 he was dismissed for his Remonstrant ideas. He fled to Leiden and from 1625-1642 he was director of the Latin school in Leiden. In 1642 after handing his position over to his son Cornelis, he returned to Haarlem where he devoted himself to writing about Haarlem in his Harlemum (1647) and Harlemias (1648).
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