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(1) An inquisitive person; one that is constantly inquiring Quid nunc? (Latin: What now?) (2) A curiosity, someone or something to be talked about. Used from the 18th century, as by Richard Steele in THE TATLER (1709); still occasionally employed in satire. Speaking of Pinero's THE IRONMASTER (1884) adapted from Ohnet's LE MAÎTRE DES FORGES of the year before, M. W. Disher in MELODRAMA (1954) said: It was gloomy and that made it fashionable, for the new intellectual drama which quidnuncs talked about would of course be gloomy -- the drama of ideas from "The Robbers" to "Leah" always had been because it had always come from the other side of the Rhine where brains worked solemnly.
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