A collection of notable quotations from a variety of Early Modern Era individuals. See the Guide for more details.

Can princes born in palaces be sensible of the misery of those who dwell in cottages?— Stanislaw Leszczynski
It is having in some measure a sort of wit to know how to use the wit of others.— Stanislaw Leszczynski
Long ailments wear out pain, and long hopes joy.— Stanislaw Leszczynski
Presumption should never make us neglect that which appears easy to us, nor despair make us lose courage at the sight of difficulties.
— Reflections on different Subjects of Morality, in The Universal Magazine (1765), p. 119
— Stanislaw Leszczynski
Reason shows us our duty; he who can make us love our duty is more powerful than reason itself.— Stanislaw Leszczynski
Religion has nothing more to fear than not being sufficiently understood.— Stanislaw Leszczynski
Science when well digested is nothing but good sense and reason.— Stanislaw Leszczynski
To believe with certainty we must begin with doubting.— Stanislaw Leszczynski
To make good use of life, one should have in youth the experience of advanced years, and in old age the vigor of youth.— Stanislaw Leszczynski
Where religion speaks, reason has only a right to hear.— Stanislaw Leszczynski

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