Choosing Rabbits: If the claws are blunt and ragged, the ears dry and tough, and the haunch thick it is old: but if the claws are smooth and sharp, the ears easily tear, and the cleft in the lip is not much spread, it is young. If fresh and newly killed, the body will be stiff. But they keep a good while by proper care; and are best when rather beginning to turn, if the inside is preserved from being musty. The wild are the best, either are good and tender and have the finest flavour, unless great care is taken to keep the tame delicately clean; if old there will be much yellowish fat about the kidneys, the claws long, wool rough, and mixed with gray hairs; if young the reverse. As to their being fresh, judge by the scent, they soon perish, if trap'd or shot, and left in pelt or undressed; their taint is quicker than veal, and the most sickish in nature; and will not, like beef or veal be purged by fire.

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