The world doesn't need architects to make buildings. The world needs architects to make architecture.

Expanding on the medieval mantra of let's make really ornate stuff, Early Modern architects created some truly impressive structures using pre-modern construction tools before settling down with simpler and more practical designs; here are some of the more note-worthy.

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Januarius Zick

1730, Feb 61750s-17971797, Nov 14
a painter and architect. He is considered to be one of the main masters of the Late-Baroque. Januarius Zick was born in Munich and began to learn his trade from his father, Johannes Zick, a renowned painter himself, to whom he was apprenticed in order to learn how to paint frescoes. He died in Ehrenbreitstein.
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Dominikus Zimmermann

1685, jun 301716-17541766, Nov 16
a German Rococo architect and stuccoist. Brother of Johann Baptist Zimmermann. Born in Gaispoint near Wessobrunn. He died near the pilgrims' church in Wies near Steingaden.
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Johann Baptist Zimmermann

1680, Jan 31701-17571758, Mar 2
a German painter and a prime stucco plasterer during the Baroque, he was born in Gaispoint, Wessobrunn. He and his brother Dominikus Zimmermann were descended from an artist family of the Wessobrunner School.
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Federico Zuccari

1540/41 ca1550-16091609, Aug 6
an Italian Mannerist painter and architect, active both in Italy and abroad. His documented career as a painter began in 1550, when he moved to Rome to work under Taddeo, his elder brother. He went on to complete decorations for Pius IV, and help complete the fresco decorations at the Villa Farnese at Caprarola.
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Carlo Zucchi [2]

1789, Feb1849, Sep 9
an Italian architect. A nephew of the namesake Italian general, Zucchi studied in Paris. Later he was active in the River Plate basin.
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