The world doesn't need architects to make buildings. The world needs architects to make architecture.

Expanding on the medieval mantra of let's make really ornate stuff, Early Modern architects created some truly impressive structures using pre-modern construction tools before settling down with simpler and more practical designs; here are some of the more note-worthy.

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Leopold Eidlitz

1823, Mar 101843-18811908
a prominent New York architect best known for his work on the New York State Capitol (Albany, New York, 1876–1881), as well as "Iranistan" (1848), P. T. Barnum's house in Bridgeport, Connecticut; St. Peter's Church, on Westchester Avenue at St. Peter's Avenue in...
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Nicolai Eigtved

1701, Jun 4/221720s-17541754, Jun 7
a Danish architect, introduced and was the leading proponent of the French rococo style in Danish architecture during the 1730s-1740s. He designed and built some of the most prominent buildings of his time, a number of which still stand to this day. He also played an important role in the establishment of the Royal Danish Academy of Art (Det Kongelige Danske...
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Henry Emlyn

17291781-17951815, Dec 10
an English architect. Emlyn published A Proposition for a new Order in Architecture, with rules for drawing the several parts, London, 1781 (2nd and 3rd editions, 1784). George III assigned to Emlyn some alterations in St. George's Chapel, Windsor, which were executed (1787–90) entirely after his designs, and preserved a due harmony with the origina...
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Henry Engelbert

an architect best known for buildings in the French Second Empire style, which emphasized elaborate mansard roofs with dormers. New York's Grand Hotel on Broadway is the most noteworthy extant example of Engelbert's work in the French Second Empire Style. Also, many of his commissions were Lutheran or Roman Catholic churches.
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