When you've got a lot of people together, it makes sense to pick someone to be in charge. As exploration expanded, individuals were chosen to oversee colonies and settlements. This section highlights those men (and some women), as well as the leaders and attendant ruling class -- nobles, peerage, wannabes and hangers-on --back home.

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Manuel Quimper

17571770s-1820s1844, Apr
a Spanish Peruvian explorer, cartographer, naval officer, and colonial official. He participated in charting the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Sandwich Islands in the late 18th century. He was later appointed a colonial governor in his native Peru at the beginning of the fight for independence there. Also explored the Pacific Northwest.
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Josiah Quincy I

an American merchant, planter, and politician. He was the son of Col. Edmund and Dorothy Flynt Quincy. He was named for his grandfather, Rev. Josiah Flynt. After graduating from Harvard in 1728, he returned to Braintree, Massachusetts (Quincy). In 1735 he moved to Boston and engaged in commerce and shipbuilding. He returned to Braintree in 1748. Josiah was a...
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Josiah Quincy III

1772, Feb 41793-18561864, Jul 1
a U.S. educator and political figure. He was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1805-1813), Mayor of Boston (1823-1828), and President of Harvard University (1829-1845). The historic Quincy Market in downtown Boston is named in his honor. In 1812, Quincy was a founding member of the American Antiquarian Society.
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Josiah Quincy Jr.

1802, Jan 171823-18571882, Nov 2
an American politician. He was mayor of Boston (December 11, 1845 – January 1, 1849), as was his father Josiah Quincy III (mayor in 1823–1828) and grandson Josiah Quincy VI (mayor in 1895–1899). He attended Philips' Academy, Andover and graduated from...
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