While many freelance operators abounded with the Age of Exploration, national interests were also paying attention and quickly organized their own expeditions. The individuals on these ships were also frequently also explorers, but their main mission was to deliver the Rule of Law -- for each's respective country -- on the High Seas.

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Peter Easton [1 [1]

aka: Peter Eston
a pirate in the early 17th century who operated along the Newfoundland coastline between Harbour Grace and Ferryland from 1611 to 1614. Perhaps one of the most successful of all pirates he controlled such seapower that no sovereign or state could afford to ignore him and he was never overtaken or captured by any fleet commissioned to hunt him down. However, ...
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Francisco de Eliza

aka: Francisco de Eliza y Reventa
17591773-1800s1825, Feb 19
a Spanish naval officer, navigator, and explorer. He is remembered mainly for his work in the Pacific Northwest. He was the commandant of the Spanish post in Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island, and led or dispatched several exploration voyages in the region, including the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Strait of Georgia.
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George Elphinstone

aka: 1st Viscount Keith
1746, Jan 71823, Mar 10
a British admiral active throughout the Napoleonic Wars. Two of his brothers went to sea, and he followed their example by entering the Royal Navy in 1761, in HMS Royal Sovereign but then transferred to HMS Gosport, then commanded by Captain John Jervis, afterwards Earl Saint Vincent. In 1767, he made a voyage to the East Indies in the British East India Com...
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Jan Evertsen

aka: Johan
1600, Feb 11630s1666, Aug 5
a Dutch admiral during the 17th century. His greatest successes were in 1628 preventing the interception by the Dunkirkers of the captured treasure fleet of Piet Heyn and in 1636 the capture of the famous corsair Jacob Collaert.
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Cornelis Evertsen the Elder

1610, Aug 41626-16661666, Jun 11
a Dutch admiral. In 1626 Cornelis is first mentioned as actually serving on sea, during a privateering raid. On 25 August 1636 he was appointed captain. In the Battle of the Downs in 1639 he captured a galleon.
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Cornelis Evertsen the Younger

1628, Apr 161648-16781679, Sep 20
a Dutch Admiral from the 17th century. Cornelis was the son of Lieutenant-Admiral Johan Evertsen and the nephew of Lieutenant-Admiral Cornelis Evertsen the Elder. He is not to be confused with his cousin Lieutenant-Admiral Cornelis Evertsen the Youngest. Cornelis became master on his father's flagship the Hollandia in 1648; in 1651 he was for a time in the r...
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