While many freelance operators abounded with the Age of Exploration, national interests were also paying attention and quickly organized their own expeditions. The individuals on these ships were also frequently also explorers, but their main mission was to deliver the Rule of Law -- for each's respective country -- on the High Seas.

Last Name

Adolf van Haemstede

from 1543 a commander in the fleet who sent Maximilian of Burgundy to France , he was bailiff from Duiveland , received a knight's title and later became deputy admiral in the Southern Netherlands fleet. , after which he, in 1574, after a failed attempt to invade Middelburg , was captured by insurgents . His name was no longer mentioned after his release in ...

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Sir Charles Hardy

1714 ca1780, May 18
a Royal Navy officer and colonial governor of New York. In 1757, under the command of Vice Admiral Francis Holburne, Hardy escorted Lord Loudoun and his army from New York to Halifax intending to attack Louisbourg, but the attack was called off when Louisbourg was found to be strongly defended by a French fleet. The next year, he was second in command under ...
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Sir John Hawkins

aka: Hawkyns
15321562-15951595, Nov 12
an English naval commander and administrator, merchant, navigator, shipbuilder, privateer and slave trader. He was considered the first English trader to profit from the Triangle Trade, based on selling supplies to colonies ill-supplied by their home countries, and their demand for African slaves in the Spanish colonies of Santo Domingo and Venezuela in the ...
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Piet Hein

aka: Pieter, Pieterszoon, Piet Heyn, Heijn
1577, Nov 251607-16291629, Jun 18
a Dutch admiral and privateer for the Dutch Republic during the Eighty Years' War between the United Provinces and Spain. After serving as a Spanish galley slave for four years, Hein later captured 11,509,524 guilders of cargo from the Spanish treasure fleet.
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James Hepburn

aka: 1st Duke of Orkney, 4th Earl of Bothwell, Lord Bothwell
1534 ca1578, Apr 14
a prominent Scottish nobleman, known for his association with, abduction of, and marriage to Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, as her third and final husband. As Lord High Admiral of Scotland, Lord Bothwell sailed around Europe. During a visit to Copenhagen around 155...
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William Lewis Herndon

1813, Oct 251857, Sep 12
one of the United States Navy's outstanding explorers and seamen. In 1851 he led a United States expedition to the Valley of the Amazon, and prepared a report published in 1854 and distributed widely as Exploration of the Valley of the Amazon.
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William Hobson

1792, Sep 261842, Sep 10
the first Governor of New Zealand. Hobson was dispatched from London in August 1839 with instructions to take the constitutional steps needed to establish a British colony in New Zealand; he was instructed to negotiate a voluntary transfer of sovereignty from Maori to the British Crown. He was sworn in as Lieutenant-Governor in Sydney and arrived in New Zeal...
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Charles Howard

aka: 1st Earl of Nottingham
15361558-16191624, Dec 14
an English statesman and Lord High Admiral under Elizabeth I and James I. He was commander of the English forces during the battles against the Spanish Armada and was chiefly responsible after Francis Drake for the victory that saved England from invasion by the ...
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Richard Howe

aka: 1st Earl Howe
1726, Mar 81799, Aug 5
a British naval officer. After serving throughout the War of the Austrian Succession, he gained a reputation for his role in amphibious operations against the French coast as part of Britain's policy of naval descents during the Seven Years' War. He also took part, as a naval captain, in the decisive British naval victory at the Battle of Quiberon Bay in Nov...
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