Revenge Crew:
Belvin , James: Bo'son on the Revenge, commanded by Peter M'Kinlie. Said to be a good sailor but somewhat bloodthirsty. Hanged at Wapping in June, 1725.
Machauly , Daniel: Pirate from Scotland. Crew member of the Revenge, commanded by Peter M'Kinlie. Captured, tried, and hanged at Execution Dock at Wapping on J...
The King of Pirates
(Adventures of Captain John Gow):

(D. Defoe, 1895)
…Here, it is to be observed, they found a man very fit for their turn, one James Belvin. He was boatswain of the sloop, a stout, brisk fellow, and a very good sailor, but otherways wicked enough to suit with their occasion, and as soon as he came among them he di...
The Pirates' Who's Who:
(P. Gosse, 1924)
Bo'son to Captain Gow, the pirate. He had the reputation of being a good sailor but a bloodthirsty fellow. Was hanged at Wapping in June, 1725.

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