Melentije Pavlovic, a priest, educator, Serbian knight:
"Evening News" (Serbia), M. Bosnjak, May 03 2015 (Google Translate)
Why are little valued role Melentija Pavlovic, Milos spiritual leader of the uprising? Communion rebels in 1815 in such. He was a brave hero. He participated in numerous insurrectional battles

SHADOW history and its irony hangs over the knowledge of the gene...
Serbian Wikipedia:
(Google Translation)
Melentije (Pavlovic, 1776 - 1833 ) was the Metropolitan of Belgrade since 1831 . until 1833 , the first Serb Metropolitan of Belgrade .

Sultan's edict of 1830 . Serbs get the right of religious freedom and that they can choose their metropolitan Serb instead...
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